Ambassador Milena Mayorga manages agreements to create new jobs for Salvadorans in California

The Ambassador of El Salvador in the United States, Milena Mayorga, highlighted that in the state of California, between 700 and a thousand new jobs were achieved after reaching an important agreement with businessmen. “Here we are making every effort from the Foreign Ministry and we in the diplomatic mission here in the United States to be able to present the alternatives” — she stated.

The diplomat stressed that only for the Central Valley of California (Central Valley), they needed to hire 700 workers.

Luis Castillo, CEO and Founder of Five Points Trading Corp, assured that these opportunities are dreams come true for many in these times.

Fresno, CA contractor Jesús Negrete reiterated that it is good to bring people from El Salvador and do the work that is required.

“We hope to be able to bring 300, 400 or whatever they need to be able to make us stronger here” — he stressed.

The diplomat has reported on her networks that there are 14 delegations of Salvadorans working in the US with work visas.

Similarly, she assured that nationals have been hired in Missouri, Dakota, Colorado, Texas, California, Alabama, Alaska, and Indiana thanks to the labor migration program led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador.

The official also mentioned that an additional 11,500 H-2B (service) visas have been granted for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Haiti.

“We will continue knocking on doors to get more opportunities for Salvadoran families” — Ambassador Milena Mayorga.