El Salvador exceeds the projection of internal tourism with more than 553,860 visitors

According to figures from the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), Holy Week in El Salvador was a complete success. More than 553,860 people visited the country during the holiday period, according to figures from the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur).

The head of Mitur, Morena Valdez, stated that during these past vacations, the number of visitors who arrived in El Salvador quadrupled, who mainly opted for beaches and mountains.

According to the institution, more than 191,000 people visited the beaches and 368,907 people enjoyed the national tourist parks.

The projection made by the State portfolio was for 194,000 visitors in all tourist destinations. However, the projection was higher than in the same period of 2019.

In addition, 120,000 people entered through the borders and the International Airport of El Salvador. Of those figures, 44,000 Salvadorans abroad entered the country, most of them from the United States.

“We want to maintain this dynamic in the sector. We will work harder, offering both Salvadorans and foreigners a quality tourist offer” said the official.

According to Valdez, the record figures show the confidence that the population has in the actions taken by the government of President Nayib Bukele. In addition, they deny the accusations of the opponents who claimed that the population was not going to go out during the vacation period due to the restrictions on freedoms and the operations of the National Civil Police (PNC) and the Armed Forces, which focused exclusively on detaining gang members.

Likewise, the Mitur assured that tourists from Guatemala, Honduras, the United States, and Canada were admitted during the Easter holiday period. “They come because they know we have great places within short distances” she said.

The government expects the country to receive more than $161 million in foreign exchange earnings.