President Bukele questions journalists’ position on the “social function” of gangs

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, questioned the speeches of the journalist, Juan Martínez d´Aubuisson, who affirmed that gangs fulfill a function within society.

Martínez also pointed out that eliminating these criminal groups could lead to a crisis due to the necessary role they play within society.

 “These are the references of the “international community”. Absurd» — President Nayib Bukele posted on his Twitter account about Martínez’s statements.

Other political actors also joined the president’s voice, such as the first vice president of the Legislative Assembly, Suecy Callejas.

“The maras have been their livelihood for many years. They defend what feeds them. They are not interested in the pain, destruction, violence, and chaos that the gangs cause in El Salvador. Let them say what they want, but that doesn’t mean they’re right” — she said.

The head of the Nuevas Ideas caucus, Christian Guevara, pointed out that Roberto d´Abuisson, Martínez’s uncle, and leader of the so-called “Death Squads”, could also consider them to have an important social function.

“You can tell that he is the nephew of Major Roberto d’Abuisson, and he surely believes that the Death Squads also fulfilled a” social function ” in the 1980s. His family has always lived off the pain of Salvadorans” — he pointed out.