The government offers 20,000 jobs to people with disabilities

Through the Labor Insertion Program, the Ministry of Labor provides decent employment opportunities to more people with disabilities throughout the national territory.

The Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro, explained that they have many jobs and few profiles, but at the same time, he guaranteed to place all the people who apply to the different offices of the said ministry in search of an opportunity.

“We are talking about an average of 20,000 jobs” — he explained.

Likewise, he mentioned that companies that have hired people with disabilities are satisfied. “We are not only bringing jobs, we are bringing the sustenance of many Salvadoran families” he said.

 Likewise, he affirmed that the reception of the majority of the employer sector has been positive and that they have a demand for job offers for people with disabilities in all productive areas.

On the other hand, he stressed that the issue of labor insertion is not an option to hire people with disabilities; it is a legal mandate. That is why the inspectors are checking in all 14 departments.

“We are going to be transparent, and we are going to reveal the names of the companies that have not complied and that, if they have complied, I hope that these companies will be more flexible and comply with the law” — he mentioned.