98% of Salvadorans support imprisoning those who spread gang-related content

The most recent study by the ESPOLITICA polling house shows that an overwhelming majority of Salvadorans agree that people who promote and disseminate messages or content related to gangs should be imprisoned.

Last Tuesday, the Salvadoran Congress approved a reform to Penal Article 343, in which a literal B is added, which closes other possibilities for terrorists to instill fear in the population through their graffiti and their messages spread through different media. to intimidate the population.

«When the Germans wanted to eradicate Nazism, they prohibited by law all Nazi symbols, as well as messages, apologies, and everything that was aimed at promoting Nazism. Nobody said anything, it was understandable that it was like that. Now we will do that with the gangs” — President Nayib Bukele said in this regard.

ESPOLITICA carried out an opinion poll in which it was learned that 98% of the people who voted approve of the measures to punish with jail those who spread content alluding to gangs. Only 2% voted against. The survey had a participation of 5 thousand 648 users, indicated the polling House.

This measure is part of the strategies implemented by the government of President Nayib Bukele, in the war against gangs released by the security forces.

The population has stated that they feel safer since the implementation of the Exception Regime promoted by their president.