President Bukele points to the IACHR for defending gang members and not the Salvadoran population

In the last few hours and through his Twitter account, President Nayib Bukele has reacted to criticism from some entities belonging to the international community, who presumably defend human rights while being indifferent to the atrocities committed by gang members and of which many innocent Salvadorans are victims of.

One of President Bukele’s reactions was to question the non-existent international aid against the gangs in El Salvador. He said: “do you know how many countries have decided to help us in the war against the gangs? Exactly: NONE”.

In another Tweet, he drew attention to how the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights clearly defends gang members, demanding to treat the imprisoned criminals with dignity, those criminals who bring death and misery to innocent and hard-working Salvadorans. Nayib Bukele strongly questioned why the IACHR never spoke out for the rights of those innocent Salvadorans who were killed by gang members.

In line with this international indifference is the reaction of the political opposition in El Salvador. Those who, worse yet, doubt whether the criminals captured belong to gangs, even when they have symbols tattooed on their bodies that identify them as Mara Salvatrucha or Mara 18 members.

Meanwhile, the Salvadoran government continues its strong fight against these criminal structures and is obtaining good results, with March 29 being the second consecutive day without homicides throughout the country.