Fuel prices in El Salvador are the lowest in the region

Thanks to the economic measures taken by President Bukele and the Salvadoran Congress, as of today, El Salvador will have the lowest fuel prices in the entire Central American region.

With the temporary suspension of the Transportation Contribution Tax (Cotrans), the Stabilization Fund for Economic Development (FEFE), and the Value Added Tax (VAT), the price of a gallon of fuel in El Salvador will be paid $4.15 per gallon of regular gasoline, $4.32 for super, and $4.14 for diesel.

On a regional scale, these are the lowest prices, since the rest of the nations have not suspended taxes on fuel and maintain higher values.

In Guatemala, according to the latest update published by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), the price of super gasoline is $4.97, regular gasoline is $4.87, and diesel is $4.65, which makes them the highest prices. in central America.

The second country with the highest prices is Costa Rica, with an average of $4.84, while Honduras is in third position with an average of $4.79, and Nicaragua completes the list with an average of $4.61.

All prices differ significantly from the cost of hydrocarbons in Salvadoran territory.