The Salvadoran government received ambassador credentials from Portugal, Slovakia, and New Zealand

The first to arrive was the Portuguese ambassador who is based in Mexico, José Caetano da Silva. He was received with honors to deliver his credential letters to the Vice President of the Republic.

«This is my second time as concurrent ambassador in El Salvador. It is a pleasure to return. I was here between 2011 and 2015″ — as told by José Caetano da Silva.

It is worth mentioning that during the delivery of credentials, the ambassador of the Portuguese Republic recounted some historical events from his country.

The diplomat also mentioned that Portugal is hosting a world conference on the oceans this year as a result of its extensive maritime tradition, and he extended an invitation to El Salvador on behalf of his government.

“In fact, we had always thought that Portugal could be a strategic ally for El Salvador to develop our maritime industry” — stressed the Salvadoran Vice President, Félix Ulloa.

The next to attend was the diplomatic representative of the Slovak Republic in El Salvador, Terézia Sajgaliková, who presented credentials to Vice President Félix Ulloa, with whom she discussed the fulfillment of 30 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, which will be commemorated in 2023.

The ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Mexico and concurrent to El Salvador, Terézia Sajgaliková, expressed her interest in the subject of bitcoin, the digital currency of which the country is the pioneer in its legalization.

Subsequently, the New Zealand ambassador to Mexico, Sara Meymand, concurrent to El Salvador, arrived at the Presidential House to deliver the respective credentials to the Vice President of the Republic, in addition to consulting him about El Salvador’s experience with bitcoin.

Félix Ulloa welcomed the New Zealand ambassador to Mexico, who thanked him for the warm welcome to El Salvador.