Salvadoran coffee will reach the Japanese market

From El Salvador to Tokyo in a sip of coffee. Two distant continents will come together for the love of Salvadoran specialty coffee, which can be tasted in the coming months in different coffee shops in Japan.

The rich aroma and all the characteristics of the gold grain made a group of Japanese businessmen visit the country to learn more about Café de El Salvador. The arrival of the Japanese delegation was thanks to the work of the El Salvadorian Embassy in the Asian country.

The Foreign Ministry reported that representatives of the company Woodberry Coffee Roasters will visit farms located in the main coffee growing areas, from February 17 to 23. For this tour, they will have the support of specialists from the Salvadoran Coffee Council (CSC).

Woodberry Coffee Roasters is a company dedicated to specialty coffee and was born in Tokyo. The company distributes sustainable and unique coffee throughout the world. Currently, they have four stores: Yoga, Shibuya, Ogikubo and Perca, as detailed on their social networks.

Last week, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adriana Mira, met with representatives of the Japanese company with the aim of promoting the Café de El Salvador brand to sell it in the Japanese market.

“We want to give our coffee a boost to allow ourselves to position it internationally. The brand is a complete strategy for working with coffee growers. In addition to seeking quality, it is sought that people work with dignity” — as explained by Adriana Mira.

Likewise, the Vice Chancellor assured that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Directorate of Economic Relations, is available to provide follow-up and support on the strategic alliances that will be achieved during the visits to the different regions of our country.