Salvadoran authorities seized 3.2 tons of drugs in the first two months of 2022

The director of the National Civil Police, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, confirmed this morning that the 3.2 tons of drugs seized in the first two months of 2022 represent 25% of all the drugs seized in 2021.

“In 2021, almost 12 tons of drugs were seized. We are talking about more than $270 million. In 2022, we are talking about approximately 3,240 kilos (3.2 tons) of drugs seized. We already have 25% of the drugs that were seized in the year 2021” — assured Arriaza Chicas in a television interview.

He added that the drug seizures carried out on the high seas are a joint effort between the Trident Naval Force and the PNC, which carry out patrols and identify the drug trafficking structures that use the Salvadoran coasts to transport drugs.

“The Naval Force does important work, from the seizure of drugs in the coastal area, to the transfer of shipments to land, so that the Prosecutor’s Office and the PNC can carry out the corresponding investigations” — said the director of the Police.

He added that the work carried out by the Security Cabinet in conjunction with the Prosecutor’s Office is gaining international recognition in the fight against drug trafficking.

“Different countries recognize the work carried out by the government of El Salvador in the frontal combat, against drug trafficking structures” — Arriaza Chicas mentioned.

The police director assured that the work carried out by the Trident Naval Force and the Coastal Police resulted in the seizure of different drug shipments.

“Through the seizure of drug shipments, the government of El Salvador weakens the finances of drug trafficking structures and their operations in the country” — reiterated the director of the PNC.

He explained that they will continue to carry out the necessary actions to combat drug trafficking structures.

“Those who want to use the Salvadoran coastal zone for these illicit activities are going to think twice” — said Arriaza Chicas.