HBO premieres a documentary about Playa El Zonte, Bitcoin, and President Nayib Bukele

Through the Twitter account of Bitcoin Magazine, it was reported that the prestigious American television network, HBO, premiered a new episode of the program “REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL”, about El Zonte Beach, Bitcoin, and President Bukele, through its famous HBO Max entertainment platform.

This space presents the benefits that the use of Bitcoin has brought as legal tender, and how Playa El Zonte has been characterized as a place frequented by many tourists, who are attracted by its incredible waves to practice surfing. Likewise, it also presents the leadership of President Nayib Bukele and how his decisions have led to El Salvador’s being internationally recognized and projected on the path to development.

BITCOIN BEACH: For decades, a small seaside village in El Salvador called El Zonte has been a mecca for surfers from around the world. But in recent years, tourists have been flooding to El Zonte to ride the Bitcoin wave after a group of avid surfers-turned-Bitcoin evangelists transformed the town into “Bitcoin Beach,” a hub for cryptocurrency as a potential solution to uplift locals out of poverty. Mary Carillo reports. Producer: Max Gershberg

There is no doubt that El Salvador is still in the sights of the world, and through this multimedia segment, you will find a new window for tourism to continue growing, by publicizing the opportunities and all the wonders that “the little thumb of America” ​​has to offer.