“El Salvador is ready to promote the cinema industry as a result of all the work carried out by the administration of President Nayib Bukele” — Daniel Baldwin

The American film producer, Daniel Baldwin, is already in the country to work on a film project that seeks to promote cinema through Bitcoin.

In addition, it will allow Salvadorans who are outside the borders who want to work in the world of cinema to return to the country, which is why it has been titled “Returning Home.”

Daniel has already held a meeting with President Nayib Bukele and stressed that he is a vibrant person with visionary and interesting ideas for the development of the country.

Baldwin explained that El Salvador has plenty of elements that favor the photography of a film production. He emphasized that this project will enhance the image of the Salvadoran coast.

«President Nayib Bukele has a vision for the country. My family and I will live in El Salvador because we are excited to invest and develop different projects here” — said Baldwin.

And he added that he feels excited and that it is an honor for him to be able to develop projects in El Salvador because he believes in the country’s potential.

“Years ago, El Salvador was not in the news. Now, with the approval of Bitcoin and other successful actions by the president, they have definitely put this country in the crosshairs” — he noted.

On the other hand, Baldwin said that he takes the project very personally since he previously worked hand in hand with Julio and his mother, Josefina, both Salvadorans, who had a great impact on him.

«One of their dreams was to visit the country to help Salvadorans, since they had been looking for opportunities for many years in Los Angeles. Josefina passed away and she wanted to keep the promise that she wanted him to come to the country to do something positive for her people” — he said.

For her part, the ambassador to the US, Milena Mayorga, stated that El Salvador is at a time when different foreign investors are developing new and important projects.

“Now we are seeing the momentum of art; the Baldwin family is extremely important in the world of cinema, and the projects to be developed with Daniel Baldwin will be of great benefit to our country” — she expressed.

Mayorga explained that the cocktail diplomacy has already ended and that goals have now been set together with Nayib Bukele that will take the country to the next level with opportunities and jobs.