The first economic impulse to generate jobs and improve mobility nationwide

President Nayib Bukele wants a greater number of households to experience the benefits of economic development in their daily activities, which is why he launched the 10 Economic Impulses.

The first of the economic impulses is a $1,510 million investment in public works execution.These activities generate more employment, stimulate local commerce and, in the distribution industries, create the basis for more projects in the future.

The construction of the subsequent stages of Camino a Surf City has led to the creation of 1,000 jobs. Two viewpoints are included in this package: one in the area of ​​the viaduct (which connects with the coastal road) and another at the end of the road.

Then there is the expansion of the boardwalk, the installation of the amusement park, and the expansion to four lanes of the road that from the Litoral leads to El Obispo beach and reaches El Zonte, with 21 kilometers in its phase I.

The second overpass highlighted by Obras Públicas will be installed between the Comalapa highway and the Litoral highway. “There are 204 direct jobs, not counting the “economic wheel” that President Bukele mentioned.

In the eastern zone, construction reports progress. In the continuity of the peripheral Gerardo Barrios, it was possible to create employment for 1,000 people. Soon the overpasses will begin in El Triángulo and Los Leones.

As President Bukele has expressed, these routes also benefit farmers, households, exporters, and other sectors that require agility for their daily activities.