“Previous legislatures facilitated organ trafficking” — José Urbina, referring to the time when the FMLN and ARENA ran the Salvadoran congress

The congressman for Nuevas Ideas, José Urbina, stated that in the absence of a regulatory framework for organ donation and transplantation, previous legislatures facilitated organ trafficking, an illegal practice that put the lives of Salvadorans at risk.

“For the creation and approval of new laws, past legislatures received people who had a business or economic interest in the commissions” — he said.

The legislator stated that because previous administrations never worked for the approval of a Special Law on the Transplantation of Cells, Tissues, and Organs, thousands of patients have not been able to undergo these procedures.

“In the past, Salvadorans gathered around national hospitals to demand medicine from previous governments, or at least basic health services” — he said.

 He explained that there was already a delay in the health system.

He mentioned that the New Assembly seeks to prevent illegal organ trafficking through the modification of laws. He added that as parliamentarians they have focused on listening to the concerns of patients and doctors.

He indicated that when the Special Law on Donation and Transplantation of Cells, Tissues and Organs comes into force, the conditions will be in place to respond to patients safely.

The parliamentarian affirmed that the New Assembly is working to have a robust, modern national health system in addition to eliminating illegal practices such as organ trafficking.