The alternate congressman of Margarita Escobar, and the political party ARENA, stated he will fight for the proprietary seat after his resignation from the party, and Margarita’s absence

Margarita Escobar and Guillermo Portillo received their credentials as proprietary and alternate congress people of ARENA, respectively and he announced today, after his resignation from the rightist political party, that he will fight for the seat with the Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (ARENA), filing an amparo claim before the Constitutional Chamber.

At the Holiday Inn Hotel, Portillo Bonilla, who has an advisory position in the ARENA fraction, declared himself an independent legislator after announcing his resignation from the political party.

The alternate congressman announced that they are preparing an amparo lawsuit to continue in office as substitute deputy, arguing that he was elected by the population.

He stated that ARENA would not hand over the position to him because he does not confront the president or attack the rest of the political parties.

“The legitimate right that the Political Parties Law gave me, to assume the position for which almost 30,000 people voluntarily voted for in the last elections is beginning to be cut off from within ARENA. I’ve had several talks with the leadership, and I was told that they were not going to hand over the position. The main reason is because I do not confront the President of the Republic, and I don’t attack the other political parties”. — Guillermo Portillo expressed.

At today’s conference, he announced that he would resign from his position as advisor in the Salvadoran Congress.

“I feel disappointed because the party does not understand that working for the people is the way to change its history. The Salvadorans want them to leave the confrontation in the plenary session of the legislature” — he added.