Portillo Cuadra calls for the resignation of the leadership of ARENA

The faction chief of the Alianza Republicana Nacionalista ARENA, René Portillo Cuadra, points to the party’s current leadership as being responsible for the resignations of its officials.

“The political party leadership should have resigned the next day after the elections” — Cuadra said this morning in a television interview.

For the tricolor, the argument of the decertores is valid in the sense that the leadership has abandoned the bases and the mayors and therefore his resignation is necessary.

This morning, it was learned that the alternate deputy, Guillermo Portillo,  submitted his irrevocable resignation from ARENA, considering that the party has lost his identity and that he has distanced himself from the population.

“46 people have resigned in total, well, and if this news that I am eating for breakfast is true (the resignation of the substitute deputy), there would be 47” said Portillo Cuadra.