“The FMLN never proposed any agrarian, tax, or educational reform”: political analyst, Dagoberto Gutiérrez

The political analyst, Dagoberto Gutiérrez, reproached the two FMLN governments, which during their ten years in power did not produce the changes they promised in favor of Salvadorans.

“They never proposed an agrarian reform, a fiscal or educational reform, nothing like that,” — said the political analyst, Dagoberto Gutiérrez, of the governments of the FMLN party.

The leftist party is questioned for not having promoted the social transformations that the country required, which was one of the main banners of the FMLN’s struggle. Far from that, it accommodated itself to the pleasures of the wealthy.

“Before, the bourgeoisie was based on two parties, ARENA and the FMLN, both neoliberals, and that ended up at the polls with the votes of the people, which blew these two figures’ heads off and gave way to the current government,” — he said. 

Gutiérrez pointed out that the FMLN, like ARENA, is nothing more than an electoral organization, which does not have a true political vision.