Audits indicate that Sigfrido Reyes did not justify $17 million of public money

After obtaining the first results of three financial audits, the president of the Salvadoran congress, Ernesto Castro, assured that the former president of the institution, Sigfrido Reyes, did not justify $17 million of public money.

Castro explained that to date there are the first data of four types of audits: management, human resources, legal and financial, which cover three periods, that is, it is a study that includes nine years ago.

In the financial report, the assigned auditors developed three audits of the area related to public finances and it is in them that they obtained these first findings committed in the period chaired by the former FMLN deputy, who is a fugitive from justice and is based in Mexico.

“These are the first advances received of these curious data and he is right to flee (Reyes), because he knows what he has done. It is $17 million without any justification”, asserted the president of the Legislative.

The legislator informed that, in a formal way, they will present the data to the corresponding institutions so that they can initiate the investigations.