El Salvador prepares for the Championship Tour of the World Surf League

El Salvador is preparing for the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (WSL), this is the first time that the country has hosted the competition. With this event, the Government of the Republic seeks to promote Surf City as a first-class tourist destination.

The world class event will take place from June 12 to 20 and will host 36 of the best international surfers (12 women and 24 men) in one of the most important surf tournaments of the year.

The WSL has placed Punta Roca among the world top along with beaches such as: Pipeline, (Hawaii), Western (Australia) Saquarema (Brazil) and Peniche (Portugal), which are included in the 2022 tour.

This event will give the country the highest level of media exposure worldwide, promoting El Salvador as a good destination for surfing, tourism, and for its organizational capacity and easy connection with other destinations.

In 2021, El Salvador was consolidated as a biosafe destination for world-class surfing events through the Surf City El Salvador ISA World Surfing Games 2021. With the announcement of this sporting event, the country reaffirms its international position and recognition.