El Salvador increases the delivery capacity of kits with medicine against COVID-19

The government of President Nayib Bukele has strengthened the program for the delivery of kits with medicine and vitamins to people who present symptoms of COVID-19. The installed capacity is to deliver 10,000 each day, in any area of ​​the Republic.

This is one of the programs that has been in place since the beginning of the health crisis and has helped recover thousands of Salvadorans, especially those with limited economic resources who are unable to buy drugs.

The kit with medicines is free and is sent to the patient at the door of his house with the aim of not going out into the street to be exposed to the virus.

Patients have on hand the medications for the treatment of the disease, and, in addition, the program consists of monitoring by telephone for 14 days to evaluate the development of the disease. In cases where it is necessary for the patient to be transferred to a hospital, an ambulance is sent, after the evaluation of a professional.

This is a service that few countries have in force due to the complexity of the logistics system. However, in El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele instructed to maintain and strengthen it to safeguard the health of the population.

Medications reach the hands of the patient, regardless of where they live. Whether it is an area of ​​difficult access, traveling by land, water, or air, the most important thing is that a timely service is provided.

In recent weeks, the demand for the delivery of kits has increased due to the detection of a greater number of cases of contagion. However, the medicine will be sent to everyone.