Turkish construction entrepreneurs are ready to invest in El Salvador

President Nayib Bukele presented projects to entrepreneurs from the construction industry, who reiterated that they could come to invest in the country.

El Salvador is beginning to strengthen itself as a country for foreign investment, and new companies are adding to the possibility of generating projects in Salvadoran territory.

On his tour of Turkey, President Nayib Bukele spoke with the Association of Turkish Contractors, which represents 90% of the foreign investments of that Eurasian nation. Among the projects that the president presented to the directors of the association were those related to geothermal energy, the new hydroelectric dam “3 de Febrero” and the new Pacific Airport.

Also, the president highlighted the Surf City program, which is an anchor to attract new foreign tourists and investors who decide to undertake projects in the Salvadoran coastal-marine area.

“We have tourism projects, highways, housing, schools […]. You are invited to participate and you can look for local partners” — stressed President Bukele.

Another aspect highlighted by the president is that the excellent relations between Turkey and El Salvador will allow the strengthening of the projects that are carried out in both nations. “I know that they have done important projects in Turkey and abroad. Latin America is a new market for you, a region that is growing a lot” — the Salvadoran president mentioned in his speech.

The Association of Turkish Contractors was founded in 1952, and since then it has represented one of the most important conglomerates in the nation in terms of investments, and it has already ventured into some countries in the Latin American region.

The president of the association, Erdal Eren, emphasized that they are ready to sign agreements between the Turkish nation and El Salvador, and start developing projects in the country.

“In Latin America, Turkish builders have executed $4 billion in projects, but none in El Salvador. This shows the importance of sharing more information. We are excited to hear from you and learn about the business environment in El Salvador” — Eren told President Bukele.

Data from the Association of Turkish Contractors points out that from 1970 to March 2021, contractors developed more than 10,725 projects in 128 countries, capitalizing up to $424.5 billion.

The Salvadoran president mentioned that the country is already in talks with Turkish companies to build a dry canal in El Salvador.

“We talked with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about building a dry canal. I have spoken about it with the elected president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro” — Bukele explained to the Turkish representatives.

One of the characteristics of the Turkish Contractors Association is that it is part of other international associations that bring together more builders and contractors in other countries.

The representation of Turkish businessmen expressed to President Bukele his total willingness to start working together on construction projects in El Salvador.

During the tour of the Eurasian country, the Salvadoran president signed six important agreements with his Turkish counterpart, and one of them is focused on construction projects.

In the coming weeks, a delegation from the Turkish union will visit El Salvador to formalize the first projects to be executed.

Both nations are committed to working together in different areas, such as education, the economy, and security, and the first agreements have already been signed.