El Salvador is interested in building a satellite with the support of Türkiye

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, announced that El Salvador is interested in receiving Turkiye’s support for the construction of a satellite, as announced by the president, who is currently in Ankara, the Turkish capital.

President Bukele held a meeting with members of the Turkish Aerospace Industries, specialized in the manufacture of helicopters, drones, planes, and satellites. In addition, he took a tour of its facilities along with its owner and CEO, Temel Kotil.

Turkish Aerospace Industries facilities are divided into 6 strategic areas: Structural Group, Aircraft Group, Helicopters, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Space Systems and National Fighter Aircraft Group.

During the visit, the company’s operations were explained to the president, followed by a tour of the aircraft factory and then the satellite factory. Bukele was interested in using said technology to reinforce the surveillance tasks of the Territorial Control Plan.

Later, the Salvadoran president went to the Center for Latin American Studies of the University of Ankara to hold meetings with academic authorities, including the rector, Necdet Ünüvar.