The Salvadoran government is working to dignify their diaspora rights

El Salvador’s ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, highlighted the work carried out by the government of President Nayib Bukele in favor of Salvadorans living abroad.

“President @nayibbukele always says the Diaspora is amazing! And our effort is to dignify them with acts of justice. More than 328,000 passports were issued in 2021. Over 140 thousand DUIs are available for immediate delivery in six US consulates. Now they will be able to vote and apply!” — said the ambassador.

The diplomat noted that during her visit to the Consulate in Woodbridge, Virginia, she endorsed her commitment to continue improving services with the support of the Foreign Ministry and the Vice Ministry of Diaspora and Human Mobility.

2021 closed with record numbers in the issuance of DUIs and passports for compatriots residing abroad. According to the beneficiaries, the process was slow and cumbersome. They highlighted the agility of the process in each of the implemented mechanisms. The ambassador invited Salvadorans who have not yet processed their documents to schedule their appointment on the web portal enabled for the 21 consulates or do so by phone or WhatsApp.