Argentine investors will visit El Salvador with a vision of projects

As confirmed this morning by BANDESAL President Juan Pablo Durán during an AM interview on channel 10, “President Nayib Bukele will receive on February 17 a group of important Argentine investors who seek to develop different projects that will greatly benefit the country’s economy” 

According to the BANDESAL official, in different countries, people recognize the leadership of President Bukele, which has generated that different investors want to generate projects in El Salvador.

It should be noted that the strengthening of public security with the Territorial Control Plan has been a determining factor in the economic growth of El Salvador in 2021 and has allowed fellow nationals to even be interested in investing in their country, since they believe in its people and new projects. of the current administration.

Hence, last year, Salvadoran businessmen living in the United States and other countries have joined to learn about the commercial offer of the Development Bank of El Salvador (BANDESAL) and its credit lines for productive activities, purchase of properties for restaurants and hotels, among others.

Similarly, the fact that El Salvador became the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender has also motivated investors to take an interest in the country.