El Salvador hosts exiled Cuban journalists. The nightmare ends, and they thank President Nayib Bukele

Cuban journalist Héctor Luis Valdés thanked the President Nayib Bukele, on his Twitter account for having received accommodation in El Salvador after being forced into exile from Cuba along with his colleague Esteban Rodríguez, due to his critical stance against the regime that governs the island.

Valdés thanked the government of President Bukele for allowing him to remain in El Salvador while he solves his situation after being exiled from Cuba. In addition, he pointed out that, after several hours of a “nightmare”, they found a space on Salvadoran soil to keep up with their struggle.

“This was the image where a nightmare created by a system lacking ethical and civic principles, like the Cuban regime, ended. I cannot thank the president @nayibbukele enough for solidarity at a time when we did not see light. Thanks to the Salvadoran people. Thank you! “ — Valdés posted from his Twitter account.

Yesterday, Valdés and Rodríguez received accommodation from the Salvadoran authorities, after having sought help in Nicaragua and being stranded for more than 36 hours at the San Oscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport.

“We have been stranded here for more than 36 hours at the San Salvador airport after the Nicaraguan regime denied us entry into their country. Just add that we have received excellent treatment from the El Salvador immigration department and thank the president for his efforts to help” — said Valdés.

Both journalists were interviewed by the Director General of Migration, Ricardo Cucalón, who, after learning about their case, provided them with the necessary assistance. After the meeting, the journalists were transferred by the Director of Migration to an accommodation in San Salvador so that they could rest and eat; later, the immigration assistance process will continue.

The International Community highlighted the measure adopted by the Government of El Salvador. José Miguel Vivando, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, welcomed the decision to house both Cuban journalists. «I appreciate the decision of the government of El Salvador to host Cuban journalists Héctor Luis Valdes and Esteban Rodríguez. It is essential that governments respect, at all times, freedom of the press and the right to asylum in the face of persecution” Vivanco posted via Twitter.