COVID-19 cases in El Salvador are dropping

Salvadoran Government continues to implement effective actions to prevent COVID-19 infections among the population. Only 55 positive cases were detected on December 15, 2021, out of 2505 tests done; one of the lowest points during the pandemic.

COVID-19 cases trend from Sep 16 to Dec 15.

“We are having a decrease in confirmed cases per day. The trend is not only statistically consistent but perceived. There is a decrease in hospital admissions, ” — said the Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi.

This sustained decrease (from 341 cases, on September 18, to a drop of 55 on December 15) shows that the measures implemented by the Government of President Bukele are correct, especially in the current context in which the infections by the delta variant.

He also stated that there’s no evidence of the omicron variant in El Salvador, according to data provided by the Pan American Health Organization — PAHO, while COVID-19 variants delta, alpha, gamma, iota, and lambda continue to circulate. In addition to vaccination, compliance with the biosafety protocol is advised.