Nayib Bukele, the best-evaluated president in El Salvador’s history​.

More than half of Salvadorans have not identified errors or failures in the government of President Nayib Bukele, and 85.1%; either highly approve or somewhat approve — as revealed by the latest survey published by the social research unit of La Prensa Gráfica, LPG Datos.

Opinion poll results indicate that among the respondents who disapprove of Bukele’s management, 61.3% are people whose monthly income is above $1,000.

Only 11.7% of Salvadorans disapprove of President Bukele’s work. The rate may be even lower, considering La Prensa Gráfica is a biased media. President Bukele emphasized the correlation between the low disapproval rate and the number of those who attend marches against the government, called in the last months.

LPG states — according to Salvadorans — the highlights of Bukele’s management are the delivery of food packages, improvements in the health system, and the COVID-19 pandemic management.

The results of this survey are close to those presented by the CID GALLUP pollster on December 1st. CID GALLUP stated that 96% of Salvadorans approve the pandemic handling carried out by the government of President Nayib Bukele.