Assisted by a former Minister from FMLN tied to gang negotiations, the opposition to the current government blocked streets fostering violence.

The march carried out today by the political opposition against the central government was marked by the blockades of streets surrounding the Cuscatlán park, the Government Center, and the capital’s center. Like in the past and during the war, the opposition resorted to gunpowder burning, assaults on motorcyclists, buffoonery shows.

FMLN senators attended to the march, Anabel Belloso, Dina Argueta, and the former secretary general of that party, Medardo González. The former Minister of Public Security of the second FMLN Government (led by Salvador Sánchez Cerén from 2014 to 2019), Benito Lara, also arrived. Benito appears in videos that show his participation in the truce with gangs, directly negotiating with criminals.

Benito Lara arriving to the march

During the march, banners with messages against the COVID-19 vaccination, the release of former FMLN officials who received illicit extra salaries, and the non-acceptance of bitcoin.

At the march, many FMLN flags were waved. It concluded around noon in front of the metropolitan cathedral.