Salvadoran Government Kicks Off the II International Congress on Health Research.

The government of President Nayib Bukele continues to spearhead advancements in various domains, with healthcare being a paramount focus. The commitment to generating scientific knowledge and providing continuous training for personnel underscores the administration’s dedication to enhancing healthcare services for the Salvadoran population.

Today marked the inauguration of the II International Congress on Health Research by the authorities of El Salvador’s Ministry of Health. The primary objective is to catalyze scientific research and foster the development of human talent by disseminating the findings of health-related studies.

“In El Salvador, scientific research had seen limited support in previous administrations. We have witnessed a transformation where scientific evidence enhances outcomes and the capacity of personnel for the benefit of the population,” expressed Health Minister Francisco Alabi.

Several notable presentations were delivered during the congress, including topics such as “The Role of Investment in Research for Economic Growth and Sustainable Development,” “The Importance of Quality Scientific Education to Foster Investment in Research,” and “European Guidelines for Cardiovascular Diseases.”

The first day of the international congress featured exchanges with esteemed researchers from countries including Sweden, the United States, Guatemala, and El Salvador, contributing to the cultivation of a research-oriented culture. Each study conducted in the realm of healthcare translates into saved lives.

“With every congress, we grow, and we take pride in being part of the central government’s efforts supporting our research. The National Institute of Health in El Salvador is committed to being a conduit for the promotion and advancement of scientific research,” affirmed the institute’s director, Xochitl Sandoval.

President Bukele’s administration remains steadfast in promoting research nationwide, facilitating forums for interaction with both national and international researchers. This initiative aims to further nurture a culture of research and publications in the field of health, solidifying El Salvador’s position at the forefront of scientific advancements.