National Library of El Salvador Promotes Early Childhood Reading with Dedicated Space.

To nurture a love for reading from a young age, the National Library of El Salvador (Binaes) has unveiled a dedicated space for early childhood. This initiative, part of a collaborative effort led by the Office of the First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele, and various institutions devoted to early childhood development, aims to create an engaging environment for children to explore the world of books and learning.

The first lady, Gabriela de Bukele, expressed her gratitude for the collective effort that made this space possible. “Achieving a dedicated and appropriate area for Early Childhood is a task we wouldn’t have accomplished alone. I appreciate everyone who made this space for children to read, experience, play, explore, and learn. The Early Childhood section of the National Library of El Salvador is an example of what we can achieve together for the present and future of El Salvador,” she emphasized.

The design of the early childhood section is tailored to the needs of children, taking inspiration from the “Growing Together Forest,” featuring elements like trees, hills, and flowers. The space is complemented by various bibliographic materials, including the ‘Tree of Life’ collection.

Nora de Hirlemann, librarian and advisor to the Growing Together Institute, noted that the creation of this space promotes early reading, enabling children to enhance their overall development. “We wanted children to have an ideal environment, a place where they feel comfortable and can explore, see, and touch. Exploring their senses is an incredible way to open the doors to reading for Salvadorans from early childhood,” Hirlemann explained.

First Lady Gabriela de Bukele also mentioned that children from the San Vicente de Paúl Home visited Binaes on World Children’s Day to explore the various areas where they can access bibliographic materials and other resources.

“The children from the San Vicente de Paúl Home visited the National Library of El Salvador on World Children’s Day. Binaes is a modern and inclusive space where children can discover the world through books. With the library, we are fostering creativity and providing resources for children to have a good childhood,” said the first lady.

Spaces dedicated to early childhood serve various purposes, from reading to recreation. Josselin Cota, in charge of infrastructure at the Growing Together Institute, expressed the hope that children entering the library would feel like they are stepping into a story. “We want to convey the expectation that when children enter the library, they feel like they are inside a story, not just coming to open a book and read it but are immersed in it,” she emphasized.

The National Library’s commitment to early childhood literacy stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts shaping a brighter future for El Salvador’s youngest readers.