Miss Universe 2023: Uniting Geothermal Energy, Natural Wonders, and Philanthropy in El Salvador.

The excitement and energy of the Miss Universe 2023 competition are reaching new heights in El Salvador as the contestants embarked on a day full of memorable activities. The Miss Universe social media has been buzzing with updates, showcasing the beauty and charm of both the delegates and the country.

Today, the delegates were treated to a spectacular day by the azure waters of the Coatepeque Lake at the Cardedeu Hotel. Coatepeque Lake is renowned for its breathtaking panoramic views, offering one of the best natural sceneries in the country. The contestants seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the aquatic activities and the mesmerizing surroundings of this beautiful locale.

But the day wasn’t all about leisure and relaxation. The Miss Universe contestants also extended their visit to a local children’s hospital, the Hospital de Niños Benjamín Bloom in El Salvador. Their visit was a heartwarming and compassionate gesture, as they aimed to familiarize themselves with the invaluable work carried out by the Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery team, supported by Smiletrain.

In addition to their philanthropic endeavors, the contestants showed interest in exploring El Salvador’s geothermal energy efforts. They visited the Central Geotérmica La Geo in Ahuachapán to learn about the country’s initiatives and achievements in harnessing geothermal power.

The evening was marked by the Second Day of Meet and Greet with the Miss Universe delegates, which took place at the bustling Multiplaza shopping center in San Salvador. The turnout was nothing short of extraordinary, with a full house of Salvadorans and international fans who flocked to the event to support their favorite representatives.

Adding to the glamour of the occasion was the presence of the reigning Miss Universe, R’Bonney Nola, Miss Universe 2022. Nola graced the event, sharing her experiences and insights with the delegates of 2023 and the enthusiastic audience in attendance.

The Miss Universe competition is not only a platform for beauty and grace but also an opportunity to showcase a strong commitment to community engagement and global issues. The activities carried out by the contestants during their visit to El Salvador exemplify the values and goals of the Miss Universe organization.

As the competition continues, we can expect more excitement, glamor, and meaningful interactions between the Miss Universe delegates and the people of El Salvador. Stay tuned for further updates and coverage of this extraordinary event. El Salvador is certainly making its mark as an outstanding host for the Miss Universe 2023 competition.