Salvadoran Entrepreneurs Showcase Export Potential in China.

The official mission of El Salvador’s Investment and Export Promotion Agency in China has led entrepreneurs to present their export offerings at high-profile events. These Salvadoran business leaders are delighted with President Xi Jinping’s announcement to remove all restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing sector, a move that is creating excitement and enthusiasm among them.

Salvadoran entrepreneurs embarked on a journey to Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China, to participate in the VI China International Import Expo (CIIE), attended by over 3,400 companies from various countries worldwide.

Salvador Gómez Góchez, the President of the Investment and Export Promotion Agency of El Salvador (Invest), expressed the optimism among entrepreneurs. He noted that they are excited about President Xi Jinping’s recent announcement during the tenth-anniversary celebration of the Belt and Road Initiative. Jinping reaffirmed China’s commitment to support the global economy and signaled the elimination of all restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing sector.

“Our entrepreneurs are highly enthusiastic about participating in this Expo, as they believe there are numerous opportunities for business in China, and we are guiding them. Six Salvadoran companies have joined this event, and I’m confident that we will achieve positive outcomes,” stated the official.

He added that Salvadoran coffee is particularly capturing the interest of the Chinese market. Several coffee companies have returned to Shanghai to be part of the VI expo.

Alexander Siliezar, CEO of the Cihuatán liquor company, mentioned that this is their first time attending the expo but expressed confidence in the forthcoming success. “We are a 100% Salvadoran rum brand and aspire to become global ambassadors. We are present in more than 29 countries, and China presents a significant opportunity due to its large population and a tailored offering for these consumers. We export 80% of our production with relatively low installed capacity, and we recognize our potential in this market,” he affirmed.

Jose Miguel Castro, CEO of Food Company, shared that his business, operating for a decade, is participating in such a significant event in China for the first time. They offer coffee, chocolate, chili, and jams, the latter made from unique ingredients like loroco, jocote, and maracuyá.

“We are receiving support from the Salvadoran government. This is our initial experience in China, and we are already sensing that it will be a fruitful endeavor. Opportunities abound in every aspect, especially in what we came here to promote. We are making the most of it,” Castro expressed.

Renowned Salvadoran coffee entrepreneur, Roberto Salaverría, emphasized the immense opportunity that his product has in the Asian giant, outlining his mission to open markets in multiple Chinese cities.

“Our goal is to open doors for El Salvador, being a small country, and we aspire to expand our horizons. We are eagerly awaiting the signing of the free trade agreement, a crucial milestone. The Chinese are also looking forward to it, which will further unlock opportunities in this business,” Salaverría asserted.

The current business environment in El Salvador has generated substantial interest in the nation’s production among major international markets. The enthusiastic participation of Salvadoran entrepreneurs at the VI CIIE in Shanghai is a testament to the country’s determination to explore new global opportunities and expand its presence in the Chinese market.