El Salvador and South Korea Strengthen Bilateral Ties.

El Salvador’s Vice Chancellor, Adriana Mira, held a meeting with her counterpart, Chang Ho-jin, to continue advancing the bilateral agenda and further deepen the friendship between El Salvador and South Korea during her visit to the country.

Diplomats engaged in discussions about various topics and projects that receive support from the South Korean government in El Salvador. These include infrastructure development and modernization, trade and investment projects, as well as sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptation.

One of the key points of the meeting was the emphasis on economic activities that will take place in the coming days. The objective is to boost commercial and investment flows between the two nations, particularly with South Korea, which stands as one of the primary destinations for El Salvador’s exports.

The collaboration between El Salvador and South Korea has been instrumental in fostering economic growth and sustainable development in the region. The commitment to strengthening these ties underscores the importance of international cooperation in addressing global challenges such as climate change and enhancing economic prosperity for both nations.