Miss Universe Contestants Explore El Salvador.

On the third day of the Miss Universe competition, the 88 contestants rose early, meticulously prepared themselves, and set out to explore various places in El Salvador.

The aspiring beauty queens were divided into groups to visit the most iconic and picturesque destinations that El Salvador, fondly known as the “Pulgarcito” of Central America, has to offer.

Fans on social media were given a glimpse of the enjoyment that each participant experienced during this tour, as they shared photos and videos of their adventures on their respective profiles.

Some of the contestants ventured into lively towns like Suchitoto, where they learned the art of indigo dyeing. Others headed to the Salvadoran coasts to bask in the warm waters, while another group gathered at Parque Cuscatlán, where they were greeted with a festive celebration highlighting the customs and traditions of the Salvadoran territory.

Miss Czech Republic, Miss Canada, Miss Egypt, Miss Philippines, Miss Bahrain, Miss Denmark, Miss Peru, and Miss Honduras traveled to the department of La Unión, specifically to El Maculis Beach, but not by land – they arrived by helicopter. Several photos shared on social media captured their sheer delight in this tropical Salvadoran destination. The ladies took the opportunity to walk along the sandy shores and capture picturesque moments.

The remaining contestants chose to explore the charming “pueblos vivos.” They arrived in the early hours at the municipality of Suchitoto in Cuscatlán, where they met with the skilled women artisans working with indigo. The enterprising Irma Guadrón demonstrated the art of dyeing with this vibrant blue pigment. Afterward, they set out to explore the town’s attractions and, of course, indulged in the delicious local cuisine.

Miss El Salvador, Miss Curacao, Miss Bahamas, Miss British Virgin Islands, Miss Namibia, Miss Guatemala, Miss Latvia, Miss Chile, Miss Indonesia, and Miss Ecuador flocked to the Festival of Traditions in Parque Cuscatlán, in the capital of El Salvador. This event was organized by the Office of the First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele. During the day, the contestants were introduced to the customs, traditions, and stories of El Salvador. Folk dance groups delighted them with traditional dances and music.

The Miss Universe contestants are not only competing for the coveted crown but also experiencing the rich culture and beauty that El Salvador has to offer, leaving them with lasting memories of their time in this Central American gem.