Salvadoran Entrepreneur Invests in Tourism Sector, Expands Paso del Alaska Resort.

René Girón Joya, a Salvadoran native who returned to El Salvador with a vision of investing and creating job opportunities in his home country after a decade in Minnesota, USA, is making significant strides in the tourism industry. His ambitious venture, the Paso del Alaska Resort, located on Via Los Naranjos, connecting the departments of Sonsonate and Santa Ana, specifically Juayúa, initially started as a restaurant but has now evolved into a full-fledged hotel.

Girón Joya, an electromechanical engineer and specialist in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, laid the foundation for Paso del Alaska Resort with the restaurant. However, his dreams didn’t stop there. In 2021, he decided to expand his business by adding a hotel to the mix, with an additional investment of $500,000. This amount supplements the initial $250,000 investment that included the construction of cozy cabins.

The expansion project’s primary goal is to provide visitors with a comfortable and enjoyable stay, perfectly complemented by the diverse culinary offerings available at the restaurant. Moreover, Girón Joya is committed to boosting tourism in El Salvador, contributing to the country’s growth and prosperity.

The hotel currently boasts 10 rooms with the capacity to accommodate around 40 guests. An exciting development is underway with the construction of an additional 20 rooms located in close proximity to the restaurant.

Girón Joya expressed his enthusiasm for continuing to expand his tourism-focused businesses, citing his confidence in the security measures implemented by the government of President Nayib Bukele. He stated, “The security situation is excellent, and that’s why so many tourists are visiting our country. Investors have confidence in the security measures promoted by President Bukele, which is motivating for us as entrepreneurs.”

He also extended his gratitude to the government, particularly the Investment and Export Promotion Agency of El Salvador (Invest), for their support of various investment projects in the country. “With the support of Invest, we feel more confident because they guide us through the administrative processes required to carry out our projects,” Girón Joya noted.

Salvador Gómez Góchez, the president of Invest, along with experts from the Salvadorans Abroad Investment Attraction Directorate (Salex), visited the hotel’s facilities to provide guidance to the investor regarding the necessary procedures within government institutions. Gómez Góchez emphasized the government’s commitment to assisting both domestic and foreign investors, saying, “We have come to Paso del Alaska in response to Salex’s call regarding the expansion of the mountain tourism project, which allows visitors to wake up in a pleasant environment in close contact with nature. We are reaching every corner of the country to support all national and foreign investors.”

René Girón Joya’s dedication to enhancing El Salvador’s tourism industry, along with the government’s supportive stance, paints a promising future for the Paso del Alaska Resort and other such ventures in the region. As Salvadoran entrepreneurs like Girón Joya continue to invest in their homeland, the country’s tourism sector is set to flourish, attracting visitors and providing a boost to the economy.