Sunset Park at El Salvador’s Malecón Delights Visitors with Record Numbers.

Sunset Park, situated along the picturesque Malecón in the Puerto de La Libertad, has rapidly emerged as a popular destination for both Salvadorans and international tourists. In an exclusive morning interview, Eny Aguiñada, President of the Salvadoran Tourism Institute (ISTU), highlighted the park’s phenomenal success, revealing that it now hosts up to 2,500 visitors daily on weekends.

“Every weekend, we witness a significant influx of people visiting the park. That’s an average of 2,500 daily visitors on weekends,” she pointed out.

In its inaugural year, Sunset Park welcomed over 700,000 visitors, and the momentum continues to grow. In September 2023 alone, the park recorded more than 45,000 visitors.

“We celebrated one year of operations at Sunset Park at the end of August, and during this period, we’ve seen a remarkable surge in visitors. Over 700,000 people have come to enjoy the rides and Salvadoran cuisine since its opening, which has significantly boosted the economic and tourism development of the area,” Aguiñada emphasized.

Furthermore, Aguiñada disclosed that President Nayib Bukele’s administration is actively working on revitalizing various natural parks to enhance the tourism experience for both local and international visitors.

These improvements include enhancing pedestrian trails, constructing observation decks, a new pedestrian bridge, and the renovation of parking facilities and the entrance booth at El Boquerón National Park.

Additionally, significant refurbishments have taken place in the Balboa and Cerro Verde natural parks, now offering a wide range of recreational activities. For instance, Cerro Verde alone registers between 25,000 to 30,000 visitors.

“This year, we’ve continued to enhance some of our recreational parks, striving to provide high-quality spaces with top-notch infrastructure. Several renovations have been undertaken at Balboa Natural Park,” she added.

Aguiñada also revealed that the iconic Puerta del Diablo, a beloved and historically significant tourist site, will soon reopen. The government has constructed one of El Salvador’s largest tourist viewpoints, promising breathtaking views for all who visit.

As El Salvador continues to invest in its natural and recreational spaces, the tourism industry is expected to flourish, providing both locals and tourists with unforgettable experiences in the country’s stunning landscapes and attractions. Sunset Park’s remarkable success story is just one example of the nation’s commitment to enhancing its tourism offerings.