El Salvador’s Journey to Sustainable Peace: ‘Youth Connecting with Peace’ was Launched.

President Nayib Bukele’s government is working tirelessly to ensure a dignified life for all Salvadorans, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable sectors such as the youth. National and international organizations have joined these efforts.

Today, the Directorate for Social Fabric Reconstruction, in collaboration with representatives from the United Nations Organization in El Salvador, conducted a launch of consultations named ‘Youth Connecting for Peace’ at the Urban Center for Well-being and Opportunities (CUBO) in Panchimalco, San Salvador.

“It has been a consultation involving various community actors. It’s fabulous to hear from the young people. It enriches us and indicates that we are doing things very well, thanks to the policies promoted by President Bukele,” expressed the Director of Social Fabric Reconstruction, Carlos Marroquín.

The objective is to initiate a collective reflection process with the youth in different regions of the country regarding the opportunities that the current environment provides for establishing connections among young people from various communities, with the aim of contributing to building sustainable peace.

During the event, there were performances of rap, freestyle rap, an artistic presentation in the Nahuatl language, modern dance, break dance, graffiti wall design, and folk dance.

“The event is called ‘Youth Connecting for Peace.’ It is one of many efforts we will undertake with you. We want to know your thoughts on peace and how to make it sustainable over time, so that we all feel a part of it,” said the National Officer for Peace and Development from the United Nations, Xenia Díaz.

President Bukele’s administration recognizes the crucial role that young people play in conflict prevention and resolution. They are strategic allies in the success of initiatives for maintaining and consolidating peace. As a result, spaces are created for their participation and protection.