Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert, and the Salvadoran Residency Advantage: Insights from Lugano 2023.

El Salvador took center stage at the 2023 Lugano Plan B Forum, an event that brought together global leaders, tech experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss the adoption of Bitcoin by various countries, its impact on economies, financial freedom, and freedom of expression. The forum, held from October 20 to 21, featured a delegation comprised of representatives from Bitcoin-based companies and government officials who showcased the nation’s progress within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The delegation, including representatives from cryptocurrency companies operating in the country and government institutions such as the Bitcoin Office (ONBTC) and the Digital Asset Commission, traveled to Lugano, Switzerland to present El Salvador’s strides in establishing a cryptocurrency-based market.

In a panel titled “Building a Bitcoin Nation,” Stacy Herbert, the director of ONBTC, and Max Keiser, the chairman of Volcano Energy, a renewable energy Bitcoin mining company, explained the key points for obtaining residency in El Salvador. They also highlighted how public security and economic measures initiated by President Nayib Bukele’s government have positively impacted the quality of life for both Salvadorans and foreign residents in the country.

“Bitcoin has revolutionized El Salvador, changing the way people think about money. It’s a mindset that prioritizes individual sovereignty,” stated Herbert during her presentation.

On another note, the cryptocurrency exchange company Bitfinex premiered their documentary titled “Don’t Trust, Verify,” which offers an in-depth exploration of cryptocurrency adoption in El Salvador and its potential implications for the nation’s future.

The documentary covers the inception of the Bitcoin Beach movement in El Zonte and the projects that have been executed in that area, such as Hope House. It also delves into the approval of Bitcoin as legal tender and its impact on tourism and the nation’s image. The film showcases the remarkable journey from a local initiative to a global example of cryptocurrency adoption.

El Salvador’s presence and active involvement in the Lugano Plan B Forum have drawn attention to the country’s pioneering efforts in integrating Bitcoin into its economy and society. The nation’s journey with cryptocurrency continues to inspire discussions and innovations in the global financial landscape.