Increased Ferry Services between El Salvador and Costa Rica Amid Transport Standstill.

The ongoing transport standstill at the borders of Costa Rica and Honduras is prompting the ferry service between Costa Rica and El Salvador to double its weekly trips.

International media outlets have reported that nearly 300 truck drivers have found their routes blocked at the Costa Rica-Honduras border due to the existing tensions between the two nations concerning visa requirements for entry. In response to this challenging situation, the ferry service has taken the decision to increase its weekly trips to maintain the economic and commercial flow in Central America.

Michael Volks, the CEO of Blue Wave, the company that owns the ferry, confirmed this decision to international media. This move will not only facilitate faster transportation between El Salvador and Costa Rica but also enhance mobility towards Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, and Honduras.

Julio Castilla, the president of the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce, also confirmed the increase in ferry trips. He stated, “We have held discussions with the ferry operators to negotiate a special rate for chamber members and an increase in the frequency of trips.”

The conflict that has led to the blockade at the Costa Rica-Honduras border emerged after the Ministry of Security of Costa Rica implemented visa requirements for Honduran nationals wishing to enter the country on October 6. This measure was put in place as a response to alleged incursions by criminal gangs from Honduras into Costa Rica.

In retaliation, the Honduran government imposed a similar measure for transporters coming from Costa Rica. Costa Rican authorities have indicated that if Honduras lifts its visa requirement, they are willing to reciprocate accordingly. The increased ferry services are expected to alleviate some of the transportation challenges resulting from this border dispute, facilitating trade and commerce in the region.