CUBO Program Expands Nationwide to Unlock Development Opportunities in Communities.

To empower marginalized communities and create opportunities for growth, the government of President Nayib Bukele is set to allocate funds for the construction of additional Centers for Urban Wellbeing and Opportunities, known as CUBOs, in various regions across the country. This initiative aims to counter the stigmatization that several past administrations perpetuated and further transform the socio-economic landscape of El Salvador.

The upcoming year is poised to witness the establishment of new CUBOs in municipalities within the departments of San Miguel, Morazán, Ahuachapán, and San Salvador. As of now, 11 CUBOs have already been made available to the public, serving as pivotal tools for enhancing the skills of children and youth across various disciplines.

“The CUBOs are being considered for locations in San Miguel, Ahuachapán, Cuscatancingo, San Salvador, and other regions of the country. Specific sites have been identified, with the primary goal being nationwide coverage,” expressed Romeo Rodríguez, the Minister of Public Works.

Minister Rodríguez emphasized that the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has earmarked budget allocations for the construction of these centers, as well as recreational spaces like skateparks, promoting a holistic approach to community development.

The very first CUBO, constructed under the government’s initiative, began operations in January 2021 in San Juan Opico, La Libertad department. It stands as a model of community support that has garnered praise from officials of other nations who have closely observed its results.

For instance, the CUBO in the IVU neighborhood in the south of San Salvador focuses on programs aimed at revitalizing a community garden for food sustainability. The community benefits from the production and sale of vegetables, with support from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the Center for the Development of Fisheries and Agriculture.

The expansion of the CUBO program holds the promise of fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future for communities that have long been underserved, offering a beacon of hope for the people of El Salvador.