El Salvador’s First State-Owned Solar Plant Nears Completion.

The Salvadoran Government is making significant strides in the construction of Talnique Solar, a solar power plant set to commence operations by the end of 2023, providing clean energy to approximately 25,000 households.

Under the leadership of President Nayib Bukele, the government has placed a strong emphasis on renewable energy generation due to its immense potential for fostering innovation, attracting private investment, and creating meaningful employment opportunities.

In this context, Inversiones Energéticas (INE), a state-owned energy company, has reported substantial progress in the development of Talnique Solar, the country’s first-ever state-owned photovoltaic plant.

“The construction of Talnique Solar is progressing steadfastly towards a more sustainable future. We are currently engaged in the assembly of solar panels and inverters at what will be El Salvador’s inaugural photovoltaic plant,” announced INE.

Furthermore, INE highlighted its simultaneous efforts to benefit nearby communities immediately. “We are also making headway in civil works for roads, drainage systems, and the control room for the Talnique Solar substation, in addition to laying underground channels to connect substations. The power transformer installation is scheduled for the coming days,” emphasized the state-owned enterprise.

The government anticipates that the photovoltaic park will commence operations in December 2023, generating renewable energy sufficient to power 25,000 Salvadoran households.

The increased utilization of renewable energy sources is among the key achievements that have positioned El Salvador as an international benchmark. “Through this project, we are contributing to diversifying the country’s energy matrix while simultaneously creating job opportunities for local residents. Our vision is to bring more clean energy to homes,” concluded INE.

Thanks to this commitment, the government revealed that state-owned renewable energy facilities now account for over 50% of the national energy supply. Additionally, El Salvador has, for the first time, become a net exporter of energy compared to other Central American nations.

Solar energy currently constitutes 8% to 10% of the total national energy supply. Over time, investments in this technology have become more accessible, leading governments, businesses, schools, and other entities worldwide to increasingly adopt it, according to the government.