El Salvador Strengthens Ties with Major Sao Paulo Companies for Tourism and Investments.

The Embassy of El Salvador in Brazil, as part of its economic diplomacy efforts in the region, recently conducted a working mission in the city of Sao Paulo, in the eponymous state. The primary objective of this mission was to promote and position El Salvador as a significant destination for both tourism and investment in the region.

During their visit, the Salvadoran delegation held fruitful discussions with Tatiana Viane, the Manager of Regulations and Public Affairs at LATAM Airlines, one of South America’s largest airlines. The discussions revolved around El Salvador’s immense potential and the diverse attractions it offers to travelers, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences.

Conversations also delved into the local tourism infrastructure and its capacity to provide unique travel experiences in a safe environment. Similar discussions took place with Marcos Tognato Da Silva, the Specialist in Institutional Relations at GOL Airlines, the second-largest airline serving this region.

In both meetings, the focus was on strengthening ties and promoting initiatives that would facilitate closer cooperation between the two countries. This included exploring air routes that would enhance the flow of people and goods.

In a significant development, both LATAM and GOL expressed their intention to conduct a market analysis and pre-feasibility study to evaluate new destinations and expanded operations in the region. El Salvador’s input, as presented by its embassy, will be a crucial factor in this process.

At another juncture of their agenda, the Salvadoran delegation, led by Ambassador Luis López, met with the CEO of Systra, an international firm specializing in engineering and consultancy in the field of sustainable mobility, particularly in urban and railway transportation.

During this meeting, various strategic projects in these areas were discussed. These projects align with President Nayib Bukele’s administration’s goals for the nation’s growth and its pursuit of key partners and investors to support these significant development initiatives.

The mission undertaken by the Salvadoran Embassy in Brazil underscores the country’s commitment to fostering economic relationships and promoting El Salvador as an attractive destination for both tourists and investors. This diplomatic effort holds the potential to bring about significant opportunities and collaborations between El Salvador and the vibrant city of Sao Paulo.