El Salvador to Open Embassy in Saudi Arabia Before the End of 2023.

To strengthen diplomatic ties between the two nations, the Government of President Nayib Bukele has announced the opening of an embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This decision underscores the significant strides made in the relationship between El Salvador and Saudi Arabia during President Bukele’s administration.

“The relationship with Saudi Arabia during President Nayib Bukele’s administration has seen a significant boost. We have received several high-level visits from Saudi officials, and our Foreign Minister had the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia last year. As a result of this fruitful relationship, we are planning to open an embassy in Saudi Arabia in the coming months,” stated Adriana Mira, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mira further elaborated that the recent visit by Abdullah A. AI Rabeeah, the General Supervisor of the King Salman Center for Humanitarian Aid and Relief, and his delegation to El Salvador aimed to provide training in handling vulnerability-related issues. The King Salman Center is a specialized institution in Saudi Arabia dedicated to emergency and disaster relief.

“We are also expecting a delegation of Saudi doctors to come and enhance the capabilities of Salvadoran medical professionals,” highlighted the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

El Salvador and Saudi Arabia have maintained an open diplomatic relationship for many years, and the approval of the budget for establishing an embassy in Saudi Arabia by the Legislative Assembly signals the imminent realization of this diplomatic milestone.

The Vice Minister emphasized that El Salvador and Saudi Arabia have collaborated in various areas, including energy and cooperation initiatives. “Next year, we also plan to open additional embassies in Africa, and more diplomatic missions will be established in line with the United Nations General Assembly meetings, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively engaged,” she added.

El Salvador currently maintains diplomatic relations with over 140 countries worldwide, and there are plans to expand these diplomatic ties further in the near future.

As El Salvador takes this significant step towards establishing an embassy in Saudi Arabia, it signifies the nation’s commitment to strengthening international relations and fostering cooperation on a global scale.