Salvadorans Compete in the World Youth Swimming Championship in Israel.

The Embassy and Consulate of El Salvador in Israel provided steadfast support to Salvadoran athletes Rodrigo Xavier Ventura, Diego Alvarado, and Ariana Valle as they participated in the World Youth Swimming Championship held in Netanya, Israel.

The championship brought together over 600 young swimmers from more than 100 national federations.

During the final competition, the male swimmers showcased their skills in the 200-meter butterfly category, delivering an impressive performance.

Additionally, both male swimmers competed in the 1,500-meter freestyle event, where they once again demonstrated their prowess. Ariana Valle, on her part, participated in the 200-meter freestyle, earning recognition for her outstanding performance.

“I congratulate and express my gratitude for all their effort and dedication in representing our country with dignity on the world stage,” said Eduardo Umaña, the Ambassador of El Salvador in Israel.

Furthermore, the athletes and their families expressed their appreciation to Ambassador Umaña and the National Institute of Sports (INDES) for the unwavering support they receive through scholarships provided by the national sports governing body.

This remarkable achievement by the Salvadoran athletes highlights their dedication and talent, and it serves as an inspiration for future generations of swimmers in El Salvador.