Migration Personnel Gears Up for Peak Season.

In preparation for the upcoming high tourist season, migration agents are undergoing intensive training to provide improved services to both domestic and foreign visitors. The Directorate General of Migration and Foreigners (DGME) has reported a staggering influx of 2.3 million people into the country.

The Directorate General of Migration and Foreigners (DGME) has announced that it is actively bolstering the capabilities of its personnel to enhance visitor services as the high year-end tourist season approaches.

“The surge in tourists visiting the country necessitates highly trained migration personnel to provide better assistance to visitors. Therefore, a comprehensive training program has been initiated to ensure readiness for the upcoming peak season,” stated the institution in a press release.

The primary objective of this initiative, they explained, is to elevate the quality and timeliness of assistance for both national and international tourists at various border points across the country.

“Assessing the capabilities of each individual, we are currently in the process of selecting migration officers. The high season is approaching, and we need dedicated, capable, and excellent individuals to work with us. We have a pool of talent, and we select the best from there,” emphasized Ricardo Cucalón, the Director General of Migration.

The institution highlighted that the most crucial migration point is the “San Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez” International Airport in El Salvador. Here, DGME officers handle an average of 10,000 national and foreign travelers daily, either entering or departing the country, through the 70 service counters available at the terminal.

In overall figures, Migration reports that from January of this year to date, they have conducted migration control for 2.3 million foreigners entering through the country’s various borders.

“The new reality of public security achieved by President Nayib Bukele’s government has positioned El Salvador as a premier tourist destination for foreigners,” Director Cucalón stated regarding the surge in visitors.