El Salvador Government to Construct Organic Fertilizer Biofactory.

El Salvador is set to establish its own biofactory for the production of organic fertilizers, as part of the government’s initiatives to rejuvenate national agriculture. This significant development was confirmed by Odette Varela, the director of the National School of Agriculture (ENA).

“We understand that everything must be built gradually. With the establishment of this biofactory and an eye toward a future that is environmentally friendly, we aim to achieve sustainable and resilient agriculture,” stated Varela.

ENA emphasized that organic farming is essential for preserving the environment, as it is sustainable and soil-friendly. Furthermore, biofertilizers are cost-effective and enhance crop productivity.

“We are transforming agriculture from the ENA, and together with the National Center for Agricultural Technology (Centa), we will continue to support these initiatives by educating our youth and developing new technologies to offer our farmers a more sustainable form of agriculture,” emphasized Varela.

The Minister of Agriculture, Óscar Guardado, explained that this initiative is part of President Nayib Bukele’s new vision, which seeks to achieve food security without neglecting its environmental impact.

“Our President Nayib Bukele’s vision is to innovate with alternatives that promote greater productivity while ensuring food security. At the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), we are revolutionizing agricultural practices in all aspects, placing our bets on biofertilizers,” pointed out the minister.

Furthermore, Cristian Flores, the Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Projects, who is also supporting this initiative, emphasized that these strategies represent the future of national agriculture.

“We believe that this is the future of agriculture, and as Odette Varela mentioned, these are stages we must implement to generate better harvests and increased production, resistant to pests and diseases,” assured Flores.

The construction of the biofactory for organic fertilizers marks a significant step towards sustainable and resilient agriculture in El Salvador, aligning with the country’s commitment to environmental conservation and food security.