Ambassador Duncan Reiterates U.S.-El Salvador Friendship Ties

The United States Ambassador to El Salvador, William Duncan, reaffirmed the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between his country and El Salvador during a meeting with the Vice President of the Republic, Félix Ulloa.

Also present at the meeting was Christopher Cushing, the Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), who expressed his commitment to continuing support for cooperation programs.

During the meeting, Vice President Ulloa shared with U.S. officials the key initiatives that the Salvadoran government is promoting through the Vice Presidency. These initiatives include regional integration, the National Council for Sustainable Development (CNDS), the Higher School of Innovation in Public Administration (Esiap), the Constitutional Reform project, and the Trifinio Plan.

Regarding the regional integration initiative, the Vice President explained that El Salvador has recently assumed the “pro tempore” presidency of SICA (Central American Integration System). Under this role, the country is actively working in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foster dialogue through a regional strategic agenda.

Within this framework, discussions will cover various common regional issues such as security, investments, local authorities, environmental concerns, development models, migration, consumption, healthcare, and more.

In relation to the Constitutional Reform project, Ulloa emphasized their goal of delivering a new Constitution that guarantees the rights of Salvadorans and establishes a modern state adapted to current needs. This initiative aims to give visibility to historically marginalized populations, including indigenous communities, protect families, and elevate the importance of labor as a social concern.

Regarding the Higher School of Innovation in Public Administration, Ulloa highlighted President Bukele’s vision to enhance the competencies of government officials through higher education services and ongoing training.

Finally, in reference to the Trifinio Plan, Ulloa underscored the strategic importance of the region due to its geographical location and biodiversity.

Ambassador Duncan’s reaffirmation of friendship and cooperation reflects the commitment of the United States to continue working closely with El Salvador on various important initiatives that benefit both nations. These collaborative efforts are crucial for addressing regional challenges and fostering a stronger partnership between the two countries.