Air Transat Partners with El Salvador to Boost Tourism.

To keep energizing tourism between Canada and El Salvador, a collaboration memorandum has been signed between the Salvadoran government and the airline, Air Transat, thanks to the diligent work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Salvadoran embassy in Canada.

This agreement aims to facilitate joint efforts and initiatives to increase the influx of tourists from Canada to El Salvador, with the ultimate goal of positioning El Salvador on the international tourism map.

“This partnership builds upon the ongoing efforts we have been fostering with Canada, exemplified by the successful implementation of the current air agreement between our two nations. For us, stimulating tourism is one of the many strategies we are employing to create opportunities for development, and therefore, having an open skies policy is fundamental in attracting more passengers and tourists to our country,” expressed Adriana Mira, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, who officially represented President Nayib Bukele’s government in formalizing this memorandum.

Mira emphasized that El Salvador has solidified itself as a major hub for air connectivity in the region, owing to its strategic geographic location and measures aimed at strengthening the local aviation sector.

This partnership between Air Transat and El Salvador represents a significant step forward in enhancing tourism and strengthening the bonds between the two countries. With joint efforts and a commitment to expanding travel options, it is anticipated that more Canadian tourists will discover the beauty and attractions that El Salvador has to offer, leading to increased economic opportunities and further cementing the friendship between the nations.