Bitcoin Remains a Fundamental Pillar of Tourism in El Salvador.

Two years after being institutionalized as legal tender in El Salvador, Bitcoin continues to establish itself as one of the key drivers of tourism in the country in recent years.

El Salvador celebrated the two-year anniversary of Bitcoin’s adoption last Thursday, marking the occasion with a panel discussion titled “Two Years Later: Bitcoin Day in El Salvador.” The event featured representatives from companies that have played a crucial role in the cryptocurrency’s adoption in the country, as well as the participation of the Bitcoin Association of El Salvador (Asobitcoin) and government authorities, including the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez.

“Most of the tourists come from the United States and Canada. Additionally, we have seen a 50% increase in tourists from South America and Europe; many tell us that they come to the country for three reasons: safety, Surf City, and Bitcoin,” declared the official. She pointed out that, as of August this year, El Salvador has welcomed 2 million visitors, translating to more than $2.1 billion in foreign exchange earnings.

The official emphasized that these figures demonstrate the positive impact that this initiative has had on the country by boosting tourism and making El Salvador a reference point for a model of financial freedom that is needed for the future.

“Let’s continue to raise awareness, educate, and let the world know what we have in the country, taking advantage of the fact that we are being innovative and taking risks. The word I would associate with Bitcoin is ‘present and future’,” she concluded.