VMT Increases Vehicle Inspections and Preventive Patrols to Reduce Road Accidents.

In a concerted effort to enhance road safety and reduce accident rates, El Salvador’s Ministry of Transportation (VMT) has significantly increased vehicle inspections and preventive patrols across the nation.

Nelson Reyes, the Vice Minister of Transportation, announced the comprehensive strategy aimed at curbing road accidents. “We have been conducting various types of controls. The leading cause of deaths and accidents on the roads is driver distraction, followed closely by speeding. That’s why our officers are now equipped with the tools to carry out these controls effectively,” Reyes explained.

Over 3,000 personnel, including officers and traffic regulators, have been deployed strategically at key locations to ensure road safety and enforce traffic regulations. “We have not only ramped up the number of inspections but also have approximately 3,000 personnel deployed nationwide. This includes police officers, traffic regulators, and emergency response teams such as Civil Protection, the Red Cross, and the Salvadoran Rescue Command, all of whom are ready to respond to any emergencies,” noted the Vice Minister.

Reyes emphasized that this endeavor is not solely the responsibility of the VMT but is a coordinated effort with the National Civil Police, underlining their roles in detaining and confiscating vehicles when necessary. “While our traffic regulators have the legal authority to issue fines and conduct inspections, the Police are responsible for detentions and seizures,” he stated.

In addition to manpower, the VMT has adopted technological solutions to streamline vehicle inspections. Traffic regulators are now equipped with speed radar devices and a new digital fine system. “Thanks to a donation from the Fund for the Care of Traffic Accident Victims (Fonat), we have acquired speed radars. These are specialized technical equipment not available from local suppliers; they had to be imported from Germany, and our teams are now well-equipped,” emphasized Reyes.

The Vice Minister highlighted the significance of these measures in promoting a culture of road safety. “It’s important to recognize the substantial progress our country has made in public safety. This must go hand in hand with a new road safety culture,” he concluded.

The VMT’s enhanced efforts, in collaboration with other relevant authorities, aim to make El Salvador’s roads safer for all citizens and visitors, ultimately reducing road accidents and saving lives.